.::About us::.

			 "Silicon Tech" is a private German company
		    (Hanover), which has headquarters in Ukraine 
		(Dnipropetrovs’k and Zaporozhie) and in South Korea (Daegu).

	The directions of our activities are:
  • Import-Export of silicon (mono silicon scrap), ingots, solar wafers, certified solar modules.
  • Production of Slim Rods for the polysilicon reactors. Exporting of the Slim Rods.
  • Import-Export of the polysilicon pipes for the concerns which are specialized in producing of polysilicon (Chloroid method).
  • Production of measuring devices for defining of level of resistance (scrap and wafers) and type of alloying.
  • Import-Export of ready-products and steel ingots made of chrome nickel and titanium alloying.
  • Import-Export of rare-earth metals – cadmium, tellurite, indium, gallium.
  • Regarding the 5-th and 6-th points, the producer is Ukraine.
 Our international carrier is K&N Company. All the goods are shipped on the CPT terms; 
   all the customs procedures are handled by our Company. “Silicon Tech” Company is 
    constantly open for the new projects and propositions that can be realized at the
      Ukrainian and Chinese industrial facilities.